Live blog: “How I Met Your Mother” finale

Ugh, I’m disappointed in myself. I ruined the How I Met Your Mother finale with a Buzzfeed spoiler. Of all the different types of spoilers, a Buzzfeed one. So if you haven’t watched the finale yet, don’t read this. It’s full of spoilers.

I know what’s coming, I wasn’t happy about it. We’ll see how this goes.

1) I’m annoyed that they opened with Robin and Barney discussing Canada, or the lack of Barney’s knowledge thereof.

2) I knew Ted wouldn’t end up moving to Chicago, even without reading the spoilers.

3) I love how Ted looks at his kids’ mother for the first time. It’s endearing. And then I want to rip my eyes out.

4) For some reason I’m really upset that Barney talked to the mother. I don’t know why. But I am glad that Barney is totally cued in on Ted and what he thinks is best for him. “Haveeeeee you met Ted?”

5) Wow Ted, you have to go? What a puss. Seriously? Throughout this entire show I wished that you would grow a pair.

6) “Major pleasure?” That’s not even funny. Stop having inside jokes with her. It’s driving me insane.

7) Interesting that Ted said bye to Robin first. I would think that she would be the last person, based on the spoilers that I read.

8) OK. ET goodbye. So good. Best part of the episode so far.

9) High infinity. That was also very good. “See you on the other side.”

10) Who the fack is this old lady sitting by Ted at the bus station? Why is she coercing Ted into his destiny?

11) I’m still a fan of Marshmallow and Lilly Pad.

12) Like I said before, I knew Ted wouldn’t leave for Chicago.

13) As much as Lily annoys the crap out of me, her realization that Ted really likes the mother is endearing.

14) This lady at the bus stop is pissing me off. For serious.

15) And the start of the audience’s realization that Barney and Robin aren’t going to work out. BOO!

16) And she’s pregnant, but we all knew that already.

17) As a side note, I love her blue dress.

18) She’s getting a boob job. Oh Barney, he’s still my favorite.

19) And of course Marshall is going to be a judge. Half of the things I predicted about the finale are true. The other half are still making me upset.


21) Interesting that Robin is the one who makes the marriage not work with her job.

22) But wow, they’ve been married for three years.

23) It still breaks my heart to hear Barney tell Robin that he loves her.

24) The D word. Oh gosh. I knew it was coming, but my insides are still crumbling.

25) The good part is that Robin and Barney are still OK with each other.

26) Mmmmm, Lily’s hair. It’s so nice.

27) I feel like Marshall and Lily being pregnant again is …. not necessary.

28) It makes me kind of sad that they’re moving out of the apartment. But that creepy/crawly/flying creature is nasty.

29) LOL! Marshall is Captain Ahab. And Lily is Moby Dick.

30) All these Robin/Ted foreshadowings are making me upset.

31) Robin’s explanation of “the gang” was very spot on. But it’s still sad how Lily gets hurt over it. But I can’t take her seriously wearing that whale costume.

32) When Robin cries, meh. When Lily cries, the waterworks come.

33) YAY, Marshall got the phone call!!!!! Another one of my predictions came true.

34) I’m kind of upset that Barney is going back to his old ways :( Although if he didn’t, I would have lost faith in the show.

35) I’ll a-plow it. Yes. Yes. Yes.

36) A new playbook, of course.

37) The Mannequin. HAHAHAHAHAHA

38) Barney got a girl pregnant. That’s where the daughter comes from. Not Ted’s daughter. Barney’s daughter that I read about in a spoiler.

39) Oh gosh, Ted’s love or architecture. His daughter is adorable though.

40) I’m glad that Robin made it big as a journalist though.

41) I want to know who Barney’s baby mama is, at least what she looks like. But it’s adorable when Barney holds Ellie, his daughter. That was simply amazing. Good insert on that one.

42) I’m glad Barney had a daughter. I would have been upset if it were a boy. He needs to protect her.

43) I don’t know how the mother wore that engagement ring for seven years!!!

44) It’s nice to see Barney being a dad. And staying out until 9:45 p.m.

45) Robin’s blue dress. YES!

46) How ironic that the wife took the photo of the five in them. What great foreshadowing.

47) It’s unbelievable how grown up Lily looks.

48) Since when was Barney taller than Marshall?

49) And of course the mom is sick. But we all knew that would happen, even before the spoilers.

50) Oh, the yellow umbrella.

51) Ah the St. Patrick’s Day party.

52) So whose umbrella is it???

53) “And that kids, is how i met your mother.” Somehow that statement made me want to cry.

54) The kids are right, the mom is hardly in the story.

55) My worst nightmare. Do not get back with Robin. Are they not even worried that they don’t think that you cheated the mom by not even loving her? RAWR!

56) It’s kind of uncanny how OK the kids are with Ted asking out Robin. That’s not natural. It’s annoying the crap out of me.

57) Yes, Robin has dogs again. This is another great part of the episode. Except … her hair looks horrible.


59) Terrible.

60) I do like the flash back credits. Those are some OLD episodes.

Overall I’m not sure how to feel. Lily and Marshall were predictable. That was the only part that I was glad ended that way. Although I am glad Barney turned his life around, and I’m glad it was because of his daughter. I kind if wished it would be Robin. The fact that Robin and Ted supposedly end up together is terrible. The writers played with that idea numerous times throughout the series, and it never worked. Why make it work last minute in the final episode. There was nothing foreshadowing that. As a HIMYM fan, I felt the need to watch the finale, even though I knew it would upset me. It did. But I’m glad I saw it though until the end.